“MMMAY2017” -trouble shooting

Yay it’s that time of year and of course, I’m not quite ready yet.
I’m on the road in KC visiting Mom when, I realized it’s time for this challenge to begin! And I have two memade pieces in my suitcase (1-black trumpet knit dress and  1-black knit maxi) and I won’t be home for the first 5 days: yikes!

Never fear, JoAnn’s fabric is near; literally 4 blocks from my moms house.

So here’s the plan:

5/1 wear black midi trumpet dress

5/2 wear black knit maxi athletleasure style

5/3 wear handmade oversized V-neck tunic (JoAnn’s end pieces ) with jeans

5/4 wear handmade leggings

5/5 wear handmade wrap, travel-wear

I’ll be home by 5/6 and can continue this challenge with ease; whew!

Thank goodness they are easy peezy…..

Taping out now….


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